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New collection in warm greys, greens, lilacs and blues.  God writes beautiful stories in our lives. They may not be

exactly how we would write them with our human understanding.  But they are written by the perfect storyteller

who wonderfully works all things for good in our lives. His stories cover generations. He is good and these stories are

testimony to his eternal goodness and loving pursuit of his children. Many of these images are the beginnings of

stories, how will you build family with him? what journey did the good shepherd take you on recently? Where is your

story of stillness and refuge? They are designed to be a reminder of his authorship whatever stage of the story you are

at and whatever particular word he is bring to you right now. Is it healing and great counsel you need right now?

Is it peace, refuge and a simple still moment with him? is it wisdom and a story of building home with him you need? Be

encouraged he is always creatively writing,  he is perfectly skilled and lovingly good!

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