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Would you like to host an Open house, build relationships, share truth? Then please join me in this journey.

In December we hosted an open house to share the vision for Emily Kelly designs and launch the new calender and devotional. Thank you to everyone who came and encouraged me it was more of a success than I had hoped for and gave me the encouragement to continue. I loved to see people of all backgrounds inspired by art and design and I love eating cake, drinking coffee and spending time with people so it was lots of fun. If you too would like to have a coffee morning or event at your church and share the story of a relationship with Jesus expressed in artworks then please contact me I would love to help.  I believe that this can be an evangelistic event too because Gods truth shines light in all situations and artwork can touch, connect and encourage all. Maybe people in your immediate community would be encouraged and this could be a bridge building step? There would also be a free mounted print of your choice for the host and an excuse to eat more cake! so I wait to hear from you love Emily x

Please Join me if you can, I hoping I will be able to design on the stand too so that you can see where the art comes from and maybe design with me !?? Please bring your pens and paper and what God is speaking to you yourself.

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