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Flourish, grow, bloom! This is a collection I designed at a time when a specific season in my life came to an end. I am not a fan of endings, I often spend so much time dwelling on what I lost and what ended, that I forget to embrace the space that loss or ending has created in my life. I neglect to 'sit with' and embrace the vulnerable feelings that seasons 'coming and going' create. I forget it is an opportunity to live deeper and more aware of my soul. I forget I can take the uncertainty about the future and the pain of an end to my heavenly father. He is not scared by loss ,uncertainty or vulnerability. He can hold those emotions for you and with you, changing your perspective to his eternal life perspective. That Flourishing, growing and blooming are not limited to a specific time frame or perfect life situation. That Flourishing, growing and blooming are his work, his time, his design and often worked out through anything we bring to him and let him hold. This work is me declaring that over Jonathan, the kids and I and I pray it blesses you too.

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