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Hello !

Hi there my name is Emily Kelly. I am a Christian, wife of Jonathan and mummy to three young children, Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read this.

For many years I have had a growing heart's desire to design prints to inspire and encourage others. I find deep joy in drawing, colour and pattern. The big blessing of time at art school, and a fun filled decade of working in textile design studios in India, New York city and London helped me grow in my skills. There has been many teachers, supporters and mentors along the way, thank you so much if you are reading this.

Writing is not really naturally my thing so maybe my blog will be mainly visual updates, who knows but definitely don't check my punctuation!

The last decade has been quite a journey. The arrival of three small people in my life, a move to freelancing from home and leaving London all felt joyous but also incredibly bumpy and not easy to navigate. I have learnt that to survive and to thrive, in any season, time with Jesus - listening and talking to him about the big and small things is a must. I love kitchen singing and praying (glad you don't have to be witness that though). He loves to talk and listen to us. He is my best friend who never turns me away, which is good because I can be quite grumpy at times, especially when running low on chocolate and sleep!

I have gathered together collections of artwork inspired by my time with Jesus, who has been my best art teacher. Each one encouraged and built up my personal faith in the process. We are running out of wall space at home and so if they bring hope or may bring peace to someone you know please visit the shop page. As this journey continues and because Jesus is an endless source of creativity I am sure there will be more and more to share. I may run out of ideas but he won't ever run out, he is God !

So please journey it with me as he inspires I can draw, colour and share. We can unpack bible truth together, we can walk the bumpiness of life with Him. We can hear what he says along the way, how exciting that will be, who knows where will end up!

Let's go......

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