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New Print.

I have been enjoying the build up to finishing the website and launching properly. It has been a lot of late nights trying to figure out the technical things and always feeling like there is just one more idea I could try. The process itself of gathering all the designs together has been surprisingly emotional. No doubt its because each print is personal and comes from a moment when I felt God inspired me. It is as if to me each one has something of a heart beat in it. I can't think of a better way to describe it.

This post is about my latest print that I finished last week inspired by Ezekiel 37 v 4-5

"Then he said to me, "speak to these bones and say, 'dry bones, listen to the word of the Lord! This is what the sovereign Lord says look! I am going to breath into you and make you alive again"

I finished framing it this evening and hung it up. When I drew it I wanted to capture something of the bursting into life feeling, the energy, the awakening moment the time of new beginnings.

I just looked at it again tonight and it suddenly reminded me of two encouraging pictures given to me by a member of our church last year, who I hardly knew. This has since then been confirmed over and over by others. At the time I received it I felt quite discouraged, as if every door I had tried to push to use or develop different skills during this particular season of my life had been shut for me. I wasn't very receptive to words of soon there will be 'new life' and a burst of a firework, release of potential and a display of what God had done in my life, to be honest I really couldn't see it happening. I did feel like I was looking at a valley of dry bones and I was not about to tell them to come alive again!

But my testimony is that through the holy spirit, the support of friends, my children and Jonathan who fill life with fun and my dad who is also a designer I do now see new life a year on and a burst of colour and potential to share with others. I don't know how on earth he moved me from that place of despairing in what on earth my next step would be to a place a displaying his truth in artwork but he has done it yet again. So that's the God I love, he will never give up on us he who has made us all for a purpose and He will bring dry dreams alive again even in one year !

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